GS1 Global Forum 2015

With 670 attendees present from 88 GS1 Member Organisations, last week’s Global Forum was record-breaking!
It is clear that the immersion of so many people in the GS1 “world” – coupled with a rich exchange of ideas 
and tools to help transform business through the power of standards – was a perfect recipe for success!
Our new GS1 strategy is entirely connected to the priorities of industry and addresses important issues facing
businesses today.

  GS1 Global Forum 2015         GS1 Global Forum 2015        GS1 Global Forum 2015

GS1 delivers real value – but nothing could be achieved without our strong and unique GS1 culture. 
We have made great progress in being more interdependent and we should all be very proud of the level of 
collaboration and efficiency we have today. GS1 is an exceptional organisation: on top of our day-to-day work, 
we also delivered a major breakthrough in transforming the retail industry 
via the EU1169 project, improved patient safety via UDI and made collaborative inroads with APEC.
But should we be fully satisfied? Our great success should also be an incentive to feel a healthy dose of 
dissatisfaction – and strive for even greater results. GS1 can do so much more. I like to quote Charles Saatchi 
to complement my thoughts: ‘I admit to never being satisfied. If you think about what you do and how you do it. 
It can never be good enough. The idea of continuous improvement, never being satisfied, is the right way to go.

If you become satisfied, you become complacent – you might even become arrogant.’

GS1 Global Forum 2015           GS1 Global Forum 2015

Our vision of who we are and where our organisation wants to be is the greatest asset we have. 
Because without having a vision a great dream – it’s difficult to score.