About “GS1 Azerbaijan AZE Barcode” mobil application

The organization of GS1 Azerbaijan barcode users has completed the creation of mobile application "GS1 Azerbaijan AZE Barcode" for smartphones based on Apple and Android`s platforms. Such kind of applications is the first in Azerbaijan which is registered in Google Play and Apple Store online shops.

This mobile application gives an opportunity to use Data Base of products produced in Azerbaijan and registered in GS1 Azerbaijan Barcodes` Depository. There are more than 93 000 barcodes today in this Depository.  

The mobile application is a service which  provides Internet access to Product Data and also the Contacts of local producers who are the users of GS1 system, through the Internet. These producers use global system of unique numbering GS1 for identification of their product, its location or logistic items.

In order to see how it works, depends on the smartphone model, you should write GS1 Azerbaijan in Line “Search” of Google Play or Apple Store and and download this mobile application on your mobile phone.

How does the information about products enter into Database mobile application "GS1 Azerbaijan AZE Barcode" user?

-       A local producer has to be the member of as GS1 international system for which he needs to apply to GS1 Azerbaijan automatic identification organization with the list of product and gets the registration number GCP (Global Company prefix) and the unique barcode numbers for each type of product.

-       GS1 Azerbaijan processes and saves Basic Contact Information about producers and its barcodes in its Data Base and Barcodes Depository.

How to use the mobile application?

If customer buys local product in the shop produced in Azerbaijan and interested to have confirmation about information printed on the label or box of product then using mobile application "GS1 Azerbaijan AZE Barcode" and taking a photo (scanning) barcode with his mobile, he could receive information about product and its producer. If the information received from mobile application will not match with data shown on the label or will not be found at all, then it could be warning to purchase to buy this product.

What are the advantages of this mobile application?

Customers can find more detailed contact information than shown on product box.

Assistant buyers at supermarkets can get contact information about new received product.

Solution providers can get the confirmation of different barcode numbers belonging.


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