Extensive media coverage of GS1 General Assembly in Istanbul


A record of 90 GS1 Member Organisations gathered in Istanbul on 20-23 May to celebrate the GS1 General Assembly.

The event attracted great media attention, with over 20 national and international media outlets registered to attend and broad news coverage reflecting on GS1 priorities.

Broad coverage in print media

Over 18 articles in online and print media covered a successful week of work where key decisions were taken. GS1 adopted resolutions to enable product identification and verification, which are vital in today’s highly interconnected world.

TV coverage featuring GS1 leaders

A Para and NTV, two prominent Turkish TV networks, featured interviews with Miguel Lopera, GS1 CEO, Kathy Wengel, Executive Vice President at Johnson & Johnson and Management Board Chair at GS1, Renaud de Barbuat, Chief Information Officer at Carrefour and GS1 Management Board, Vice Chair, among others.
See the TV A Para news story and the NTV coverage.