26th June 1974:the day that changed the world!

26th June 1974:the day that changed the world!

Dear colleagues from around the world,

In 1974, on the 26th June, a pack of Wrigley’s gum became the first product to be scanned with a GS1
barcode in a Marsh supermarket in Ohio, United States.
Who could have imagined, when industry leaders selected the GS1 barcode as the single standard
for product identification, that 40 years later over 5 billion GS1 barcodes would be scanned every single day?
Two years ago, when we deployed a global campaign to celebrate our 40th Anniversary, who could have
imagined the outstanding results of this worldwide initiative?

I want to express my sincere thanks to all of you who made this 40th Anniversary a highly successful
marketing initiative in over 65 countries.
Our objectives were to step-change GS1 awareness and underline the overall benefits of using our standards
and solutions. We did it, YOU did it!
This would not have been possible without the local teams involved. The amazing creativity you have
demonstrated during 1 year of hard work is incredible!

{26th June 1974:the day that changed the world!

Thanks for your dedication, your passion and your commitment to support business around the world.

By working together, by being more and more interdependent, we achieved exponential growth while
preserving a 40-year legacy.

Congratulations! I look forward to building the next 40 years with you!

Thank you.

Miguel Lopera
President & CEO, GS1