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GS1 Azerbaijan


GS1 Azerbaijan At the EAN General Assembly held in Berlin on May 11, 1999 the EAN-Azerbaijan (soon to be GS1 Azerbaijan) was unanimously accepted as the member of EAN-International and was allocated by 476 prefix, which allows conduction of unique database.


It means that all products identification numbers starting form these digits are introduced and registered in GS1 Azerbaijan according to the international rules. Only the

Community of GS1 Azerbaijan has authority to use EAN and GS1 trademarks in Azerbaijan.


GS1 Azerbaijan is competent member of International Association and represents interests of enterprises and organizations in Azerbaijan. Also provides application and development of GS1 system at national level carries out registration of the enterprises and assigns the enterprises by appropriate coded numbers.

Any enterprise, not only Azerbaijanian, irrespective of its sizes or ownership patterns which makes or realizes products with its own trade mark may become a member of GS1 Azerbaijan.