Barcodes print quality

Verification is the technical process by which a bar code is measured to determine its conformance with the specification for that symbol.
Verification is not intended to be used alone as a method for downstream rejection. For example, GS1’s advice is to use the ISO/IEC
15416 methodology as a tool to improve overall scanning performance.

For problem GS1 System symbols, an ISO-based verifier can be of enormous assistance in diagnosing the problem and providing a
standard means of reporting among printing companies and their trading partners.

A verifier is a measuring tool by which one can make certain determinations concerning the ability of the symbol to do its job,
namely, to carry and deliver data on demand. Because traditional verification measurement is typically made in a single scan across
the symbol, it is uncertain whether this "snapshot" is truly representative of the symbol's characteristics through the height of the bars.


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