Rules of introduction

If you have decided to become a user of Automatic Identification Community, you should make followings:

1. Fill up an Application for joining the bar code users Community according to fixed form. Any enterprise irrespectively of its sizes and ownership patterns manufacturing under its own trademark may become a user of Automatic Identification System.

2. Pay annual fee indicated in the Contract.After paying this fee you get unique identification number in GS1 system. On the grounds of this identification number production bar codes will be compiled.

3. Bar code main assignation – correct and accurate register. Just because of it each production should have its own bar code. For that it`s necessary to prepare in fixed form register A list of products to be bar coded.
In register there should be the name of enterprise, executive signature and seal. Each trade position’s description should include product complete name, consumer characteristics (sort, colour, degrees proof, percent, etc.), single pack description (carton, bottle 0.5 l, packet, etc). See Examples.

4. Taxpayer Identification Number given by Tax Department (copy).

5. Introduce available copies of documents on the food items of which production is manufactured or plan to be produced.

After examine the documents, an enterprise or private owner is given a “Certificate” GS1 Azerbaijan, awarding registration number at the GS1 system.